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We teach individuals representing themselves the fundamentals of Colorado Family Law, the action steps to successfully file a case and all the required paperwork, and how to move their case through to completion. Divorce with confidence, without a lawyer.

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About Our Classes

The legal system can be confusing and overwhelming when you are representing yourself in a family law case. We make it easy for you to understand and to give you confidence along the way.

How To File A Family Law Case

Filing the case is the first step in your journey, and we give you all the information you need to get started on the right foot.  

You’ll learn which is the correct case to file based on your unique circumstances and how to actually complete and file your paperwork (yes, step-by-step!) and the details of the legal process. 

In this class, you’ll also get time with a Colorado Family Law attorney so you can get personalized attention, ask questions about your specific case, and have your documents reviewed before you file.


Case Filed. Now What?

Once your Family Law case is filed, your legal obligations and responsibilities begin.  

Did you know the legal system expects you to act like and have the responsibilities of an attorney?  You are required to follow the same rules, deadlines, and expectations of an attorney, even though you are self-represented.

You’ll learn how to navigate the major stages of your case after filing, what actions you are required to take and when, and get advice from an experienced Colorado Family Law attorney about how you can be the most successful in your case.  


Mediation Success

In almost every county in Colorado, the Court orders the parties in Family Law cases to attempt Mediation. In some cases, the Court requires the parties to Mediate multiple times throughout a case.

In this class, you'll learn what Mediation is and is not.  You'll learn how to prepare for Mediation to maximize your chances of reaching agreements and avoiding Court (where you are out of control and the Judge makes decisions that you must follow).

Our experienced Family Law Attorney will teach you what to include in Mediation Agreements and coach you in your approach to mediation so that you don’t have regrets or remorse!


Your Day In Court

Though you will have opportunities to reach agreements with your ex about the issues of your case, it is possible that you will not agree on everything.  This leaves some or all of the issues still “disputed.”   These issues are decided by the Judge / Magistrate after a Hearing (or “trial”). 

In this class, you’ll learn the requirements for preparing your case, what documents must be filed and how, and most importantly, how to present yourself before the Judge/Magistrate so you can fully share your position, be persuasive, and get the outcome you want.


What happens when I pre-order?

When you pre-order Untie the Knot classes, you’ll get our classes for only $297, a $700 savings!  You’ll also get:

A private coaching session with an experienced Colorado Family Law Attorney.

In your individual coaching session, you’ll have 20 minutes to discuss the intricacies of your personal case, ask questions based on your situation and get feedback or coaching one-on-one.  If more time is desired, we offer a 2-hour package at an exclusive Founding Student rate of $97/per hour (reduced from $300/hour).

Instant access to our “ask us anything” calls.

These calls are normally only available for 6 months from the time of purchase, but, as a Founding Student, you’ll get DOUBLE the access!  Conducted by our founder, and your teacher, these gender-specific webinar style calls are an opportunity to privately ask your questions and listen to the questions of others. 

Instant access to our private, gender-specific facebook group.

Learn from and share with others who are going through the same things you are.  VIP experts will join our groups for Facebook Lives, and to participate in the group by offering advice and coaching each and every month.

Peace of mind guarantee.

If at any time you decide your case requires full representation and you engage our preferred Family Law Firm, we offer a special Founding Student rate PLUS we’ll credit all of your Untie The Knot class fees.

Self-Represented & Fully Supported

No one should ever "go it alone" in a legal matter, even if they choose to represent themselves in a divorce or custody case. Untie the Knot gives you the education and support you need to represent yourself in your divorce with confidence.

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How To File A Family Law Case



Class 2:

Case Filed.
Now What?



Class 3:

For Mediation



Class 4:

Your Day
In Court



I know you will learn so much from Untie the Knot.  Untie the Knot will help you feel well educated and confident representing yourself in your family law case.

However, if you’re not satisfied with our product, you may request a refund within 30 days of access to the course.

To qualify for a refund, we ask that you email [email protected] and show that you’ve completed the lessons, worksheets and the downloadable assignments.

I do my best to give you all the information you need about Untie the Knot before you purchase so that you can make an informed decision before buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Founder & Your Teacher


Hi, I’m Kelley.

I believe you deserve a divorce that you understand...a divorce where you feel in control...a divorce that protects your future.  And you deserve that even if you choose to divorce without full representation from an attorney.

Before founding Untie the Knot, I've spent years supporting individuals as they navigate complex family law cases, both in the public and private sectors.

I've seen a lot in my 10+ years of Family Law experience.  People making serious legal missteps unknowingly, people making agreements they didn't fully understand, people spending lots of money to try their best to unravel past agreements.  And, even after all the best efforts, sometimes we aren't able to make the changes they hope for. 

I am passionate about making divorce a better experience for everyone involved - individuals and children.  Families, traditional and untraditional, create communities.  And when families of all types thrive (even through divorce), communities thrive and the world can be a better place. 

Through Untie the Knot, I can share my knowledge and experience to serve you as you navigate your own journey.

All my best,