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Divorce can feel like a scary, stressful maze. There is so much at stake for your future, and your children's future. Every divorce is different, but you can eliminate uncertainty and take back control when you give yourself the gift of education. We firmly believe that education is power! Our workshops are designed to give you the accurate information you need, when you need it, so you can make good decisions and be a confident advocate for yourself and your children.


Imagine this...

You are facing one of the most traumatic processes any individual can go through. Anxiety and fear are natural, but they are amplified when you have to make important financial and parenting decisions that may be permanent. And you are working through the legal system which is full of documents and decisions you've never been exposed to before! After you complete the Untie the Knot Workshop Collection, you'll fully understand the process of a case, the documents you have to complete, and the decisions and agreements you will be making with your soon-to-be-former spouse. Untie the Knot Divorce Education will relieve some of the anxiety of this stressful time so you can make the best decisions for your future.

Workshops Exclusively for Women Include...


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How To File and the Basics of Divorce in Colorado

The type of Family Law case you choose to file has serious legal consequences. The first and most important decision that you will make is what case to file.

Learn not what is the correct case to file, how to file and the details of legal process. Upon completion of the workshop, you will be able to successful file your case, and set your case up for the highest rate of success. You will be able to understand the general timeline and path of a Family Law case, and the legal process. Learn the basic legal analysis and standards that will be applied to your case. You will receive a Glossary of Terms to use throughout your case so that you are armed with the legal definition.

In this workshop you will define your priorities and goals for your case. The process can be long and stressful road, but you will be equipped with the tools to succeed.

2020 Dates Include:

May 21 at 8:30am
May 23 at 8:30am
June 2 at 8:30am
July 9 at 8:30am
August 6 at 8:30am
September 3 at 8:30am
September 30 at 8:30am
November 4 at 8:30am
December 9 at 8:30am

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Just Filed, Now What?

Filing a case is your first step in the long, legal process. Once your Family Law case is filed, several things start to happen and obligations and responsibilities begin. The legal system expects you to act like and have the responsibilities of an attorney. You are required to follow the same rules, deadlines, and expectations of an attorney, although you are self-represented.

After the workshop, you will know what is required of you to do next, how to move your case forward, and be prepared for the next steps in the process.

2020 Dates Include

May 19 at 8:30am
May 23 at 7:00pm
June 4 at 8:30am
July 11 at Noon
August 8 at Noon
September 9 at 8:30am
October 3 at 8:30am
November 7 at 8:30am
December 12 at 8:30am

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Mediation Success

In almost every county, the Court orders the parties in Family Law cases to attempt Mediation. In some cases, the Court requires the parties to Mediate multiple times throughout a case.

In this workshop, you'll learn what Mediation is and is not. For example, Mediation is a facilitated conversation with the help of a Mediator; a Mediator does not make a decision for you.
You'll also learn how to prepare for Mediation to maximize your chances of reaching agreements and avoiding Court (where you are out of control and the Judge makes decisions that you must follow).

Learn what to include in Mediation Agreements so that you don’t have regrets or remorse and so you know what you are agreeing to!

2020 Dates Include

June 6 at Noon
July 14 at 8:30am
August 11 at 8:30am
September 12 at 8:30am
October 3 at 3:30pm
November 7 at 3:30pm
December 12 at 3:30pm

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Your Day in Court

Though you will make efforts and have opportunities to reach agreements with your ex about the issues of your case, it is possible that you will not agree on everything, leaving 1 or some or all of the issues still “disputed.” Disputed issues are decided by the Judge / Magistrate after a Hearing. In Colorado, the word “hearing” has the same definition as a “trial.” The trial is when you present your side of the case, and your ex presents their side of the case. At the end of the trial, the Judge / Magistrate makes the decision and enters the final orders.

Preparation is the key to a higher rate of success at trial. Because you are held to the same standard as lawyers, you must file certain documents before the Hearing that help you fully tell your position and persuade the Judge / Magistrate.

After the workshop, you will know what needs to be filed before the Hearing and how to present your case.

2020 Dates Include
June 16 at 8:30am
July 16 at 8:30am
August 13 at 8:30am
September 12 at 3:30pm
October 8 at 8:30am
November 12 at 8:30am
December 16 at 8:30am

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