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The legal system can be confusing and overwhelming when you are representing yourself in a family law case. Our goal is to make it easy for you to understand and to give you confidence along the way. To make everything easy to understand, we've broken Colorado divorce and custody cases into four core workshops. Each workshop covers one stage of a typical case. In each workshop, we'll give you an orientation to the timeline of the case in this stage, explain the decisions you will be making, and review in detail the paperwork you'll have to complete. Our instructors will share their experiences in family law to give you actionable advice to consider as you make decisions about your divorce.

You'll find that our workshops are small - in fact, there will never more than 15 participants at any workshop. Also, our workshops are separated by gender. Why? An important part of what you get from these workshops is the chance to ask questions and discuss your particular situation. We've found that separating genders eliminates stress and helps people feel most comfortable in the group setting.

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No one should ever "go it alone" in a legal matter, even if they choose to represent themselves in a divorce or custody case. Untie the Knot gives you the education and support you need to represent yourself in your divorce with confidence.